Each season brings new flavours to the menu Chef Piotr Szulc and his team skilfully combine them in exquisite dishes, which are made from local products. Sommelier Andrzej Strzelczyk proposes wines of well known and valued producers, as well as extraordinary liquors. This makes the A La Carte Menu in La Rotisserie an ideal proposition for both elegant business meetings and for romantic dinners.


  • Asparagus,
    49 PLN
    goat cheese, egg yolk confit, pickled yellow tomato, scallop
  • Polish Eal,
    63 PLN
    celeriac, green apple, braised cabbage
  • Tatar of beef
    68 PLN
    with homemade mustard, pickled shallots, egg yolk powder
  • Short smoked Baltic salmon,
    56 PLN
    goat cheese curd, radish, asparagus
  • Chicken liver and Porto wine pate,
    47 PLN
    black currant crunch
  • Red cabbage cold soup,
    36 PLN
    crispy leek, egg, red chard, nasturtium, milk veal
  • Polish dumplings
    42 PLN
    staffed with „Bryndza” cheese, onion and potatoes, buttermilk sauce


  • Sea bass,
    92 PLN
    summer vegetables, Romanesco cauliflower, roasted tomato mousse
  • Turbot,
    108 PLN
    olives stuffed courgette flowers, baby artichoke, asparagus
  • Sturgeon,
    83 PLN
    quinoa, daiko, roasted cucumber, red chard, sturgeon caviar


  • Grilled baby pork chop,
    92 PLN
    summer onion, broad beans, courgette, heritage tomatoes
  • Guinea fowl,
    84 PLN
    turnip, kohlrabi, baby artichoke, smoke bacon essence, potato soufflé
  • Long braised beef brisket,
    91 PLN
    baby leek, river spinach, potatoes puree with whole meal mustard
  • Roasted lamb loin,
    112 PLN
    coated in fresh herbs crust, roasted marinated chicory, potato flan, green beans, runner beans


  • Pineapple,
    35 PLN
    confit yuzu sorbet, meringue, thyme
  • Marinated lotos root,
    35 PLN
    figs, tonka beans cream
  • “Kogel – Mogel”
    35 PLN
    with strawberries