La Rotisserie – restaurant in Old Town, Warsaw

You are invited to visit the new interior, which will delight you with its simplicity and elegance. It will encourage you to spend your free time in the company of excellent creations of Chef Marcin Korcz.

The change of interior decorations is also accompanied by the new menu, which merges simplicity and unpretentious elegance.

Our recipe to be unique is a combination of professional team, free creativity and fresh, seasonal products. Apart from the visionary tasting menu, you are offered a harmonized a la carte menu, where classics and tradition mix with the characteristic twist of Marcin Korcz.

The new interior houses an elegant wine bar which is well stocked with superb wines. The wines are selected by Andrzej Strzelczyk, the two-time winner of Polish Master Sommelier title.

Marcin Korcz

Marcin Korcz

Head Chef

For more than twenty years associated with the culinary industry.

His professional experience comes from renowned five star hotels and fine restaurants.

Marcin Korcz prepares his dishes with exceptional skill, exquisite, wonderfully combined flavours and remarkably elegant - that’s the sure recipe for success.

Marcin’s culinary masterpieces are startlingly original. They are not only the result of his extensive experience, but also his constant search for knowledge about different regions in Poland and the world.

The excellent, light desserts are the proverbial “cherry on the cake”.

Andrzej Strzelczyk

Andrzej Strzelczyk


Andrzej Strzelczyk is a member of the Polish Sommeliers Society and a two-time Polish Master Sommelier.

He graduated from the prestigious Weineakademie in Rust, Austria. His curiosity, passion, numerous trainings and contests helped him in his sommelier sucesseses. In La Rotisserie, he is responsible for the wine selection and for the cooperation with wine suppliers, including local producers and small producers of exquisite vintages.

Please do feel encouraged to follow his professional advice so that the selected wine is a perfect match for the delicious Marcin Korcz’s menu.